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06 June 2009

Get Data Other People Easily With Keylogger

Saturday, June 06, 2009
How do we get data other people easily? On the computer on the internet rental installed a software known as a keylogger that records all keyboard keypress. Records stored in a file that can be seen then that complete. In it there can be applications where information such as keystrokes and time is the emphasis. In this way, one can find username, password and other information entered by way of typing. At a more sophisticated level, keylogger logs normally send a plain text to someone. Of course it was done without the knowledge of the victim. Keylogger is a good device hardware or software used to monitor the keyboard key presses. A keylogger will usually save the results of monitoring the keyboard keystrokes into a log file / record / tape. Some specific keylogger can even send the tape to a particular e-mail periodically.

At this level also can activate the self-keylogger when computer users perform certain actions. For example like this. When the computer user opens an e-banking sites, active keylogger, and record all the emphasis on active keylogger, and record all the pressure on the active keyboard and record all the pressure on the keyboard in the hope that the site identification number can be recorded. Keylogger is good enough for any sophisticated encryption is applied by a website, the password can still be taken. Because the password is encrypted before it is taken by the system. Keylogger recording immediately after typing the password and has not been processed by the system.

Keylogger is made in 2 types of software and hardware, both have different characteristics with the same purpose. Example shaped keylogger software is Invisible Keylogger, KGB Keylogger and Stealth Keylogger. This software can be installed to a victim's computer and automatically the software will hide himself so as not known by the victim. Victims will not be able to see this program is running, because all the software keylogger mode offers Hide (Hide mode) which does not display icon, the name of the program in task manager and more. Many Trojans are also used by hackers who serves as a keylogger such as Back Orifice, Netbus, Sub Seven, etc..


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