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07 June 2009

Get Free Blogs on Many Domains at Blogdive

Sunday, June 07, 2009
Had you heard one of a motto, no day without any real work? Yes that's the motto of encouragement to someone to always work every day to make this day should be better than yesterday. But we must realize that this motto also applies in this cyberspace world of blogging in particular, or who is better known as the blogosphere. Only a fool or someone who does not know the blogs are saying that blogging is not useful. Blogs also work, either as a side job, unwind, or as a medium to look for money. Besides, the bloggers are also building relationships, networks and friendships and some have come to the marriage only because of blogs. Blog it fun! Even addicted.

Do you want to get a free blog? do not be confused to choose Free Blog account. I suggest to choose because here you will get a lot of domains. yeah, You can create your blogs on many domains. you can choose one of domains:,,,,,,,,,,, ,,, lots of choices for you! After selecting, the name of your blog will be like this:

You just register for an account and choose your domain, then submit! You will get page with sentence "Congratulations! Your new blog, is almost ready. But, before you can start using your blog, you must activate it. Check your inbox at your email and click the link given." After you activate your account, you can begin to be blogging right now and share to the world. It is easy!

happy blogging!


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