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01 October 2009

About Electronic Cigarette

Thursday, October 01, 2009
Are you searching for the Electronic Cigarette Reviews? You are already on the right article. Electronic (smokeless) cigarettes are products that are similar to cigarettes and to provide the smoker with nicotine and flavored, but with combustion of vegetable substances such as tobacco and thus the production of tobacco smoke are avoided. The emergence of nicotine inhaled by the smoker in the air is caused by alternative techniques. In 1996 the U.S. tested a smokeless tobacco company Reynolds cigarette. The product was baptized in the USA and Germany Hi.Q Eclipse and consisted of a one centimeter long cylinder of compressed carbon in the lead, which was laced with small air ducts and are surrounded by heat insulating layers of fiberglass. Involved in the carbon mass was pulverized tobacco, according to five to ten percent of the salary of an ordinary tobacco cigarette.

In addition, a thin sheet of tobacco was hidden in the glass fiber seal. The tobacco filling was mixed with a nicotine-containing tobacco extracts and impregnated with 50 percent glycerol. A shell of aluminum foil in the upper part took care of thermal insulation, evaporation protection and control of air supply. If the carbon tip was lighted, it brought the resulting heat the mixture of glycerin, nicotine and tobacco extract to evaporation. It formed a fine, inhalable aerosol, which consisted of 80 percent glycerin and water vapor. Despite great effort in the testing phase in Augsburg (free Hi.Q distributing to young people and also permitted the use Hi.Q Non smoking on the flights of Augsburg Airways) the Hi.Q met with little interest among consumers, so that by has taken a broad market space. If you would like to Buy Electronic Cigarettes and get further information about Electronic Cigarette, please visit: So, don’t forget to visit this site today.


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