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18 February 2009

The Rehab For An Alcoholic And Drug Addicted

Wednesday, February 18, 2009
Being an alcoholic is something bad. Many people don’t expect that to happen. The person who trapped as an alcoholic will not develop themselves. In fact, many alcoholic needs support from other people to support them get free from their bad habit. The solution could be by putting them in the drug rehab. In the drug rehab, the person could get the drug treatment. The cause of somebody get trapped to this kind of bad habit happened when they get stress and can not handle by themselves. They can not express their stress into other activity. Usually, they get the bad influence from their friends and environment.

The alcohol rehab is a kind of place that takes care of the alcoholic. The alcohol treatment is the best thing that can be taken from the alcoholic. The key of this problem is somebody who gets close and can be a place to cry on. The person with the alcoholic and the drug problem needs somebody to share problems that they have. There are some alcohol treatment center that allow the close person to do the therapy to their lover who has a drug and alcohol problems. So don’t make yourself away if your lover gets the alcohol and drug problems.


  1. thx for share and really good review..

  2. nice info,we must help people who alkohol addiction if he want recover

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  4. Wah, ini maksudnya jual minuman alkohol atau menyembuhkan kecanduan minuman?


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