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18 February 2009

Selecting The Cheap Web Hosting

Wednesday, February 18, 2009
Are you interested to have cheap web hosting? You are already on the right article, but let me give complete information about web hosting first. A hosting Internet (or Web hosting) is a body whose role is to make available to Internet web sites designed and maintained by third parties. It provides access to all Internet content deposited in their accounts by webmasters often via an FTP program or file manager. For this, he maintains computers 24 hours 24 Internet (e.g. web servers) via a connection at high speed (hundreds of Mbps), which are installed software: HTTP server (usually Apache), server messaging, and database. The main activity of the host is to install its Internet servers, the secure (for a wave power, rescued by a generator, an air conditioned room equipped with anti-fire) to maintain them by installing the latest security updates to prevent malicious attacks, to repair them in case of failure to install the software technologies desired by customers or wishes to provide them (such as Internet programming languages and additional modules in these languages).

When a visitor requests a page from his web browser, it queries DNS servers know the IP address of the server hosting this site. Once it gets the answer, go and ask the browser and the server requesting this page. The web server will then search the page on his or her hard drive (if it is a static page), or the manufacture using a script (if a page dynamic), then send it to the browser, which displays on the screen of the visitor. Today, you can see the best web hosting awards in the internet. Beside that, you also will be able to get web hosting guide in the internet. I suggest you to visit to get further information about it. So visit this site now.


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