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18 February 2009

Name A Star With Ptolemy-Stars.Com

Wednesday, February 18, 2009 is a site where you can name a star and get a star registry. If you are a kind of romantic person, you would love this site since you can give it as a special gift to someone you care. This could also become a gift to your best friend, some one special or just a unique present to anybody you would like to give. You must be wondering what this star actually. If you want to know about it you can just do your international star registry now. You can order this naming a star from the site and make the settlement with paypal or credit card.

You would get certificate from them after your purchase was added to the star registered. You could also put the name and put the coordinate of star location so that you can see it through telescope later. Not only the star you name it, you could also get another one as a bonus and the opportunity to win the prize! The prizes are very attempting such as apartment, car and laptop!

Many people like these astronomical things since they are the oldest science and have a lot of fortune and character to discovered. If you adopt a star now, you indirectly has helped the study of astronomy since the profit of it will be used for that.


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