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18 February 2009

The Internet Radio

Wednesday, February 18, 2009
The Web radio (or Internet Radio stations) stations are more or less similar to radio stations, but which are available on the Internet through the technology of streaming. As with conventional radio stations, there are general practitioners and other Internet radio stations are with music theme. This is even easier than the emissions are not subject to quotas such as those imposed by the CSA or the CRTC to FM radios. There are thousands for, technically, anyone can create their own radio station. Some Online Radio stations only broadcast content under copy left, and therefore no obligation to pay royalties on the copyright.

Many of these Internet radio stations can offer their listeners a content ad-free, given the relative ease of dissemination by the vector Internet requires much less resources than FM radio. The Internet radio function relatively often as an association and can be financed by a donation system. Some mobile phones connected to the Internet are able to play Internet radio stations. Some Web radio stations offer multiple streams corresponding to the same programs, but with different qualities of listening, even sometimes a very low quality for mobile phones. If you wan to create blog Talk Radio, is the site that you have to visit.
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