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18 February 2009

K2 Incense, Spice Gold, K2 Herbal Smoke

Wednesday, February 18, 2009
Buy K2 Incense Herbal Smoke Blend Online Now for the Lowest Price Possible

PRLog (Press Release) – May 18, 2010 – k2 Incense is a new type of incense that has recently taken the US by storm. Smokeshops, Gas Stations, Grocery Stores and many other stores are jumping in on the high demand and offering the product for sale. "I have been using incense for years, ever since my hippy days back in the 70’s... K2 Incense is by far the best incense I have ever come across" says Jay from Indiana.

So what exactly is K2 Incense?
Well there is a few varieties of the herb blend on the market right now. The newest, most popular, and in our opinion the best, is being K2 Ultra. All of K2 Incenses varieties (included k2 herb) are made up of mainly the same ingredients and propriety blends, however the scents emitted do differ from one brand variety to the next. K2 Ultra is extremely popular due to it’s light vanilla scents and the great quality of the plant material used.

Typically you will find a variety of botanicals including, but not limited to:
- Canavalia rosea
- Clematis vitalba
- Nelumbo nucifera
- Pedicularis grandifolia
- Heimia salicifolia
- Leonurus sibiricus
- Ledum palustre

The K2 Incense is also infused with a proprietary blend of external ingredients which truly separates it from any other incense on the market.

K2 Incense is used by many because of it’s rich aroma, heavenly scents and full bodied atmosphere that it envelopes into the user. Many people will use K2 Incense in conjunction with meditation to help assist the user into a deeper level of meditation. K2 incense is also a perfect companion for mellow moods when the light scent of K2 is suitable for filling the air. K2 Incense is some of the highest quality incense on the market with a huge populous of consumers purchasing the product due to it’s magnificent quality and luxurious experience it delivers.

There are a lot of Fake K2 products on the market right now. It is very simple to spot the fakes... One can look at the bag they came in and also the name. Only true K2 Incense was made in the following flavors:
- K2 Ultra (Brand New)
- K2 Sex (Brand New)
- K2 Summit
- K2 Blonde
- K2 Pink
- K2 Standard

Any other K2 varieties that someone may find are indeed fake and the user should not expect anywhere near the same quality or ingredients used.

We carry only 100% official K2 incense including K2 Ultra.

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