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18 February 2009

The Parking Services

Wednesday, February 18, 2009
In countries where the car is in common use, the parking facilities are built next to buildings to facilitate the movement of users and provide security for their vehicles, this is usually in garages built in the basement of the same. In many urban areas are deployed from the 1990s schemes regulated parking in order to ensure a minimum parking space for residents of a particular area and encourage rotation of non-resident vehicles parked. The major drawback of this system is subject to charges. Another possible solution to the shortage of space available in central cities is the robotic parking. This type of parking permit increases the number of parking spaces available in a limited space.

There are two types: fully robotic facilities and part robot. In the first, the vehicle is transported automatically, without driver, with lifting equipment and transport to storage. In a semi-mechanized parking is the driver who drives the vehicle to the parking place, so that increases the capacity of the parking lots. Lately, you can do parking service reservation through the internet. One of the best parking services is heathrow parking. The other one is gatwick parking services. So you don’t have to worry about your car if you want to travel anywhere in the world.


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