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18 February 2009

Republicans Can No Longer Ignore the Power of the Tea Party

Wednesday, February 18, 2009
Just look at Alaska’s Senate primary race. Incumbent GOP Sen. Lisa Murkowski lost by just a few votes but as an incumbent, its viewed as a butt whipping.Tuesday night Joe Miller, a conservative lawyer backed by the Tea Party, handed Murkowski a shocking loss. This trend appears to be the template of the 2010 elections.

First, Bob Bennett, who served as Utah’s U.S. senator for 17 years, was k.o.ed in the state’s Republican Convention and now, Murkowski’s loss is a lot more worrisome to the GOP.

After all, Miller is basically a political nobody, which is why the Tea Party loves him. Joe Miller, a political nobody, got the backing of Tea Party because he was far more conservative than the RINO incumbent. (R-I-N-O an acronym for Republican in name only.) Conservative groups across the country are capitalizing on the anti-incumbency wave. Conservatives like what they see in Miller: A Bronze Star veteran from the First Gulf War who has worked hard in life and has not been soiled by dirty politics. Getting backed by Sarah Palin didn’t hurt.

It’s obvious to all, even the Republican establishment, can no longer ignore the power of the Tea Party if it managed to help someone like Miller unseat Murkowski, who held the office for nearly eight years.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking the Tea Party is a third-party party, because it isn’t. Those same people who voted for Miller would have voted for Murkowski, had she won. They would have held their noses, just like with McCain, but that is who they would have tried to elect. The Tea Party is basically regular folks from all walks of life that are sick and tired of Washington’s traditional “business as usual” lifestyle.

The Tea Party’s like that proverbial 800 pound gorilla in the room. Liberals, both Republican and Democrat, are starting to pay attention, as they should.

Some contend wrongly that Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski suffered a stunning defeat in the Republican primary last week after she refused to go negative against Joe Miller.

Liberal Republican Rep. Mike Castle, running for the open Senate seat in Delaware, now take the low road in an effort to deflect scrutiny of he Obama backing record. He will air negative ads against his Republican primary opponent Christine O’Donnell, who stands against the current administration and against the “Washington elite clique” that knows what’s good for Americans better than Americans themselves do.

Castle, Delaware’s only congressman for the last 18 years, epitomizes the therm RINO. He’s a pro abortion, pro Obama agenda, liberal. The state’s Republican committee has dubbed him the their choice to vie as the Republican nominee for Joe Biden’s old Senate seat. Ms.O’Donnell has disrupted their plans and now she must be punished. And with the help of liberals, both Democrat and Republican and the liberal biased news media, punished she will be. Or so they think.

Thankfully, Christine O’Donnell has the backing of the Tea Party Express, the group that helped Miller in Alaska. Then there is Mark Levin, a talk show host that main stream Americans are embracing by the millions. Then there is the blogosphere, that is no longer dominated by the”it’s hip to be Marxist” crowd. Being unemployed with no hope in sight will motivate people to be well informed. To dig through the hype and verify facts. Americans are not as superficial as they were just a couple of years ago.

The Tea Party will spend $250,000 for O’Donnell before the September 14 primary. The Tea Party group’s money may not have a huge impact in Delaware, which is in the expensive Philadelphia media market. But the group could still manage to mobilize conservative voters in what is expected to be a low-turnout primary.

There are reports that Castle’s campaign has already been preparing to commit $180,000 on ads this week, and negative ads will be the main thrust from the desperate, but well funded camp.

The RINO Castle campaign has begun its attack on the Tea Party and their challenger, Ms. O’Donnell, on other fronts. Rep. Castle launched the website “,” hoping to shift the attention away from his Obama-like policies. By bringing up Christine’s financial troubles, he hopes you’ll forget about your own or that of the nation. He just doesn’t reakize that tactic is not as effective as it used to be.

For 18 years Rep. Mike Castile has been making the United States a more fiscally responsible enterprise. For 18 years he’s seen to it that Delaware and the nation’s children have been better educated. For 18 years, Rep. Castle has seen to it that Delaware has been a hot bed of economic growth, promoting entrepreneurship and keeping the taxes low to allow that growth. Why for 18 years HE’S DONE NONE OF THAT! And that’s why the Tea Party and other like-minded citizens want him replaced.

The Republican Party of Delaware, which is attacking Ms. O’Donnell, sounds like a guest host for Keith Olbermann by pointing the press to examples of her “reckless and hypocritical behavior.” After the Republicans hierarchy gets their heads handed to them again, just like they did in Alaska, we can only hope they’ll learn to quit taking sides during primaries. They probably won’t as they are as bad as the Democrats are when it comes to taking care of their friends as opposed to looking after the needs and ultimate welfare of the nation.

We are at the verge of a Great Awakening. Regular people are on Facebook and Twitter. They don’t watch Katie Couric anymore and more importantly, they don’t buy the misrepresentations and down right lies any more, because they see the truth and discuss the truth among themselves via Facebook and blogs.

The Establishment Republican Delaware committee will out spend the Tea Party candidate five to one again and they will lose again, because truth can’t be bought any more.


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