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18 February 2009

The Best Curling Iron or Hair Straightener

Wednesday, February 18, 2009
The following will be great to read if you need to buy the Best curling iron or hair straightener. The curling iron or burning tongs (sometimes even hot iron, iron toupee or wig iron) is a tool for the undulation of the human head hair. It takes place in the hairdressing techniques no longer apply. The Curling iron works on the principle of a pair of scissors, but this does not cut but only squeezed. Instead of cutting surfaces are round two 20 cm long tubes attached around.

Depending on the desired curl size 1 reaches the diameter of the tubes of up to 3 cm. The curling iron was the stove or over a fire to heat. Then we stuck the tip of a strand of hair between the two tubes and turned so that the hair on. In this way we worked as desired or all strands of hair. However, it was the scalp with the hot iron to close; there was a danger of combustion. The curling iron for the curly hair usually spends their time until the next wash. To buy the best curling iron or the Hair Straighteners, is the site that you have to visit.

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