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18 February 2009

Where You Will Donate A Car

Wednesday, February 18, 2009
When we would like to help other people surrounding us, that really need our help, we could do many ways. Some of them are Car Donations. As we know that car is valuable thing we have. When we donate a car we have, it could mean for the others. Amount we could give to others are based on the car value. The big amount will impact so good for the others’ lives. You may search where organizations could arrange these automobile donations.

What you ask about where you will donate your car could be answered through This is human and non profit religious organization that would like to help orphans, homeless, adult rehab, prison reform, and many more social activities. They will arrange car donations from people from pick up the vehicle from your garage until sell the car. When you Donate a Car, you will receive full legal IRS tax deduction for the car. Besides Automobile Donations like cars, they also receive boat, plane, house donations, and many more. Let us start to change and improve the others’ lives trough donations. Your participation will be so important from others who need your hand to get better in their lives.


  1. Ofcourse, now I understand how car donation is valuable for others.
    Thanks a lot for creating this interesting article.
    I am so motivated with this post.

  2. Wow kok bahasa inggris sih ?
    gak mudeng aku

  3. this post is so inspiring. too bad i dont even have a single car to donate. :)

  4. wah aq kok jadi bingung bahasanya inggris sih..salam kenal pendatang baru..

  5. greatttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt :D

  6. Kayaknya lagi ngejar ptr nih posting english.. kagak ngarti aqu.. xixixixi


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