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05 November 2009

Get The Best Pashima Shawl

Thursday, November 05, 2009
The following article will be great to read if you need to buy the best Pashmina Shawl. Pashmina is one of the rarest types of substances, a noble form of cashmere. The name comes from Persian which means wool. Pashmina is produced from the fur of Tibetan goats. Its fibers have a diameter smaller than 15 microns, i.e. about 5 times thinner than a human hair. Goats provide each 100-300 grams of hair per year; hair cut to the throat where it's finest.

The quality of the hair depends on the altitude at which the goats live - at higher altitudes providing quality wool with better insulating capability. This substance is mainly used for weaving scarves and sashes are manufactured in Srinagar in Kashmir. Name pashmina is then commonly used to refer to the shawl. In making one scarf is needed to cut 10 goats. Scarf in Classic size 90 x 200 cm is so delicate that lets stretch wedding ring. Pashmina, including Pashminas Shawls, is often mixed with 30% silk, that fabric was shinier and stronger. Pashmina is a close imitation called patty, but it contains a blend of wool and cotton. To buy the best Shawl Pashmina, will be the site that you have to visit.
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