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23 November 2009

The Hair Straightening

Monday, November 23, 2009
Temporary hair straightening is done using a device called a hair straightener or flat iron. Ceramic hair straighteners are considered the best type for ceramic coating protects your hair from heat damage. When buying a hair iron, the head of a beauty shop and look for a familiar brand with adjustable temperature setting. When using a hair iron, it would be wise to pay attention to some precautions. Be careful not to damage the hair using a heat setting that is enough to do the job. You also want to bring out this kind of smoothing the hair completely dry, because of the danger of electric shock.

Finally, and this applies to any time you use a heat device is used in the hair, you must ensure that the hair is well conditioned before you start. Before starting, use hair clips to hold the upper layers of the hair shape. Take small sections of the lower layer, and from near the roots, slide the iron across the length of hair. At the end of a layer, release of the upper layers and straighten them as well. Finish with some light brushing, and you're ready to go. To buy the best flat irons, is the site to visit. The Curling iron is also you can buy in this site.


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