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18 February 2010

The Adult Education

Thursday, February 18, 2010
The primary education is a fundamental stage in the formation and privileged boys and girls, beginning at the end of kindergarten and continues in secondary education. The basic aims of this phase of education are to provide students with a framework of learning that allow them to begin the acquisition of basic skills and the application of the tools necessary to acquire new learning.

The stage of secondary education compulsory is compulsory and free. Comprising four academic years that is will be studied usually between twelve and sixteen. This stage of education is the ideal framework to strengthen basic skills, make new learning and lay the foundation for a personal training based on personal autonomy that supports learning throughout life, responsibility, solidarity in participation and the ability to purchase individual and collective commitments to learn how to actively participate in a democratic society.

The adult education is given to people who have not received training in the elementary school age. It consists generally in the teaching of literacy and technical basics. This adult education is also appoints and studies and voluntary activities generally made by adults of the working classes, to develop all their capacities to assume individual responsibility and social anyway, work training, extension cultural and recycling.


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