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18 February 2010

K2 Incense, Legal Synthetic Cannabis

Thursday, February 18, 2010
Synthetic cannabis , such as k2 incense, finds particular use as a substitute for cannabis products. According to the manufacturer to the intoxicating effect of the combination of certain natural ingredients based on. It is is according to the manufacturer of a variety of different, sometimes quite exotic herbs, which sometimes psychoactive effects are said. In fact, sampling was not consistent with the specified plants found. The variety are Silver, Gold, Diamond, Tropical Synergy, Synergy Arctic and genius offered. According to the manufacturer they differ in intensity, with Diamond variety is considered the strongest.

As analysis shows, the different varieties differ not only in carrier and herb flavor, but also in the active ingredients used, the concentrations and sometimes combined in mixed are different. Since so many companies that are selling this synthetic cannabis, if you are interested to buy this synthetic cannabis, first you have to make sure that you buy it from a reputable company. You are also need to choose the best for your needs only. If you are looking for the legal synthetic cannabis, the answer is only K2 incense. One site that you have to visit in order to purchase K2 incense is only


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