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18 February 2010

Smarter Shopping In-Store and Online

Thursday, February 18, 2010
As we fine tune our shopping lists for the holidays, keep in mind that there will be other deals during the up-coming weeks. They may not all be as big as the ones on the biggest shopping days of the year, but they will be significant in helping you save a lot of money. For that reason and many more it is vital that you think about the best ways to shop. Let’s say you want a television and you are looking online and realize the best deal is at Best Buy. Well you can order it online but you have to wait several days for it to get there and also hope that it is in good condition. You can go to the store to buy it buy the fact is that this television is being sold at such a great deal that there is no guarantee the store will have it in stock by the time you get there. That’s why you need to rely on websites for all your information, not only prices and research on the products, but location information as well.

There are now plenty of websites that can tell you exactly where you will be able to find the product you want, the exact store closest to you. So if you are thinking about getting something that is on sale from RadioShack or Guitar Center, you can find out online which one closest to you actually has it in stock without having to spend hours on the phone calling around. Using this new technology, you have the ability to merge the best of both online and in-store shopping. Use the internet to find which stores have the product you are looking for in stock at your local store, and at the lowest price. Then you can purchase that very item online, for in-store pick-up the same day.


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