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18 February 2010

Thai Massage and Spa in Odessa

Thursday, February 18, 2010
The Traditional Thai Massage, such as in thai massage in Odessa, is an ancient therapy performed in Thailand . It was once practiced by hermits considered physicians Buddha and is originally from India. The theory of Thai massage is based on the concept that power lines are connected to the body. If these energy lines are blocked, it causes a health problem, such as the stress , the blood pressure or high fever . When the body does not go well, the mind is also weak. To cure such diseases, the traditional Thai massage aims to release blocked energy lines.

Many who do not know what and benefits of the spa, though spa has become the needs of women in major cities around the world. Spa or solus per aqua, meaning water therapy. In the process, the spa became a place of beauty, body care, health, fitness and comfort. A place where we can feel relaxed, your body and mind become fresh, energetic and playful and raise a joyous mood. Spa is a treatment process such as full body massage therapy, body scrub / body scrubs, masks, bleach, music therapy, aromatherapy, milk bath / shower aromatherapy and snack cakes and drinking ginger tea warm or hot.

The suffering parts are pressed using the thumbs to promote the circulation of energy. Massage practitioners can be men or women. Yet most are women. Important skills for people working as a masseur or masseuse, it is essential to be trained and certified. The masseuse uses only the thumbs to the style of the Court while the thumbs, knees, elbows and feet are used to the style of the people. Customers wear comfortable clothing and lie on a mattress. Before beginning the massage, the masseuse must present his respects to the teachers. The masseuse works from head to foot.

After a few minutes, she asks clients if the pressure is too strong or too soft. The main power lines are pressed to unlock the flow of energy. The muscles are stretched so that stress and muscle tension and mind down. The massage, which lasts about two hours, ends with the massage of the neck and head. The foot massage is the art of Chinese medicine . It is believed that the roots of the nerves of internal organs are in the soles of feet. To get the best Thai massage and spa in Odessa, will be great to visit. This site is known as one of the best Thai massage and spa salons in Odessa. So enjoy the massage and spa now.


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