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18 February 2010

Use The Flat Iron Safely

Thursday, February 18, 2010
To use the flat iron safely, the sheets should be used to controllably prevent the risk of damaging your hair. You should have one day and a night's rest between uses, this will give your hair time to recover. In any case, signs of dryness we recommend using a good conditioner, leaving it on for an hour or more after washing, to ensure that penetrate deep into the hair. Applying heat can damage the hair causing split ends, so it is important to use a serum after washing to prepare it to receive the heat. On the other hand give maintenance to the iron plates, making sure they are always clean.

If you use your iron every day, buy one that is designed for everyday use, to minimize the risk of stress in your hair. Techniques such as thermal reconditioning are very popular now and are very effective in smoothing the hair for long periods of time. The process can take about 6 hours, but need not repeat it every day as your roots start growing, you can give a touch. Usually you need to touch up every 3 months. If you want to buy the flat iron, such as chi hair straightener, will be the site to visit. The hair dryer is also you can buy in this site.


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