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18 February 2010

Cool Dogs Rule. Dog Collars, Jackets, and Hoodies!

Thursday, February 18, 2010
Snoopy invented Joe Cool, so it makes sense that pooches should sport the cool too. With all the options for doggie fashion available online, your pet can dress to the nines in whatever fashion you prefer. Leather dog collars are one thing, but leather dog jackets are quite another. If sports are more your fashion, why not team dog hoodies so your pooch can root for the home team?

Dog jackets do more than just make your dog look cool, but keep him warm too. Depending on the breed of your dog, it may not be acclimated to the cold temperatures in which you live. Do you often notice your dog shivering in the cold? Dress him warm with dog jackets. Some even come with hoods and are just as warm as your winter jacket.

On the other hand, dog hoodies are a great way to add just a little bit of warmth for more milder times, such as early spring or fall. You can get dog hoodies that feature teams of the NFL, go camouflage, or even get one that looks like a Japanese kimono.

Leather dog collars are great for fashion. They are tough enough to be functional and dependable, but fashionable enough to look great. These work great for active dogs that are harder to control. Leather dog collars keep them in line while looking great.

Fashion and function have no limits when it comes to doggie accessories these days, whether you’re looking for leather dog collars, or warmer dog jackets or stylish dog hoodies. The choice is yours.


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