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18 February 2010

Luxury Brands of Fragrances

Thursday, February 18, 2010
Burberry is a specialist in tailoring and shirt based in the UK that manufactures clothing, luxury accessories, and also fragrances. Burberry famous characteristic pattern has become one of the most widely imitated claws and infringed. The company has shops and establishments in franchise around the world. It has established itself as a reference mark in the refinement and also launched its own line of perfumes. Other popular brand of clothing and fragrances is Calvin Klein. Calvin choose women as the face for most of the 90s supermodel Kate Moss.

It famous spot, and also much disputed. In 1995 the advertising campaign for the perfume Obsession by Calvin Klein, where Moss appeared half-naked, aroused enormous controversy. It was even insinuated accusations of pedophilia , and the Department of Justice, on the order of Bill Clinton , then president, decided to launch an investigation in respect of which led to the withdrawal of the campaign after just three weeks. One more famous brand of clothing and fragrances is Yves Saint Laurant. In the 2000 campaign for the perfume Opium was chosen Sophie Dahl , age unknown, advertising posters that appeared completely naked. The campaign aroused a scandal, the point of being banned in the United Kingdom.


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